Institutional Values

FKGK values, which are institutionally embedded and serve to develop everyday business practices, provide guidance to ensure that our business activities have the highest level of accountability and are in line with the highest ethical and moral standards.

Transparency: Being an institution in the public interest, the FKGK believes that it is of the utmost importance to disclose information on working practices, policies and financial and operational results with partners and the general public.

Partnership and cooperation: Developing sound relationships with our partners based on transparency and accountability helps achieve our common goals and develop credibility and mutual respect.

Objectivity and independence in decision-making: The FKGK maintains its objectivity and independence in decision-making, based on sound reasons and principles, promoting further development of the financial sector.

Commitment: With dedication and professionalism, FKGK employees strive to fulfill the institution’s mission and objectives, believing in the institution’s role and the positive impact it will have on sound economic development.

Teamwork and professionalism at work: The FKGK has a team of experts who cooperate on the basis of mutual respect. Teamwork, problem-solving, open communication and sharing of professional experience create the foundation for the FKGK’s success. Every employee is expected to show integrity in the discharge of their duties and in the initiatives they take.